Sandhill Crane Search…


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I’ve always loved hearing the sandhill cranes’ calls high overhead as they fly over my neighborhood.  Occasionally they’d even pass over low enough for me to get some nice photos, but I still really wanted to see them closer.  I had heard about some of their migratory resting spots in Nebraska, but then found out about one in Indiana, much closer to me.  A friend and I decided to have a spontaneous adventure and drive to Jasper-Pulasky wildlife refuge yesterday and see if we could experience the thrill of seeing thousands all together.  It was a cloudy and very cold day and we found several groups in farmer’s fields as we approached the refuge.

We were so focused on them that we managed to stop right in front of a sign that we didn’t notice until we were ready to move on…so embarrassing!

© 2017 Karen A Johnson

We had to wait patiently as we were told they didn’t start to really arrive until the hour before sunset.  There were plenty of cranes to see and enjoy before then though and it was so fun to see them gliding in with their legs hanging down, in perfect formation.

We couldn’t stay until sunset but still had the joy of seeing line after line of cranes in the distance approaching and dropping down to the pasture, their unique calls filling the air.  Such beautiful birds…enjoy!

Last look back
© 2017 Karen A Johnson

Last look 2
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