It’s a new season…


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January Snows © 2021 Karen A Johnson

It’s a new year with a new sketchbook to work with! It’s a comfort to know that the seasons continue on even when the world seems like it’s losing control. There is beauty to be found even in the depths of winter, but then one day, you hear the birds starting to sing, and hope is born anew!

February snows © 2021 Karen A Johnson

Even as the weather seesaws back and forth between seasons, signs of spring continue to arrive. The unmistakable sounds of sandhill cranes bugling over the prairie…and the melodic trill of the meadowlark, newly arrived from warmer climes fills the air.

March Fires © 2021 Karen A Johnson

In March and even in to April, prescribed fires fill the air with smoke, preparing the prairie for the new growth of spring. Fuzzy, pale pasque flowers send up their blooms, reaching for the sun. What will I find next week? It’s always an adventure…

Hope you can get out and experience with all your senses the changes this new season brings upon us. Enjoy!