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My husband and I decided to get away from the normal routine this past Labor Day and camp with friends at Camp Barakel in Fairview, MI.  It’s 360 acres of woods next to Shear Lake and it’s a beautiful place to get away and contemplate about what God wants us to do and be in our new phase of life as empty-nesters.  I was able to sketch a fallen tree and its reflections on the lake in a paddleboat that my husband was patient enough to hold still.

Fallen Cedar

The next day I woke up early and stole away to the lake to watch the sunrise and try to capture just some of its beauty.  It was cloudy and somewhat windy which made it a challenge, but somehow the camera just can’t “see” all the colors that are in the water so I had to try.  The light was changing so rapidly that I can’t say it was a relaxing experience, but I did get some of it on paper.

Shear Lake at Sunrise