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Spring has been very condensed and seems to be moving at super fast forward speed.  We’ve gone from crocuses to magnolias and redbuds within 10 days.  Eight days of 80+ degree temperatures has helped that along!  I’ve given up trying to keep up with yard cleanup and have decided to live in the moment and enjoy God’s gift of a fantastic spring flower display.  Relaxing in the sun and sketching the daffodils at the Arboretum…priceless!  I was drawn to the contrasts of the delicate, backlit daffodils and the trunks of the mighty oaks.  A possible painting could come from this sketch…

Oak and Daffodil sketch copyright Karen A Johnson 2012








To see more of the beauty at the Arboretum, click on the link above to see photos I took this past week.  Enjoy!