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Lately I’ve been sketching plants and landscapes and dealing with wind, sun, biting insects and various other challenges that come with outdoor sketching.  However, all that is minimized when it comes to sketching animals…especially young ones as they seem to constantly be on the move.  A friend invited me to go sketching with her at a farm.  There were miniature and regular horses, their foals, goats, chickens, cats and their kittens, and dogs and their puppies.  The possibilities were overwhelming!  We chose to try our luck with the miniature horse and her foal as they were in a smallish pen and the foal was sleeping.  As soon as we sat down though, he got up and wanted to check us out.  In the end I started several sketches in different poses and went back to whichever one he was in to fill in the gaps.  It was good practice for my drawing memory and made a delightful morning.

Miniature horse and foal sketch
copyright Karen A Johnson 2012