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Flowers have always been more than just pretty objects to be admired to me.  They are an inspiration for my artwork and jewelry, a source of rest on a busy day, a place of fascination for their intricate structures and a wonderful habitat for my favorite group of animals, the insects.  Even though this summer has been super busy, I’ve managed to sneak away and spend some time sketching these beauties in the garden.  I tried to capture their essence and what attracted me in the first place, whether contrasting colors, undulating petals or soft colors against a dark background.  I hope you can take a break and enjoy the flowers around you as well…

Red Petunias

Red Petunias ©2012 Karen A Johnson

Swingtime Iris

“Swingtime” Iris ©2012 Karen A Johnson

sunrise waterlily

Waterlily ©2012 Karen A Johnson