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Scratchboard is a fun medium that can encompass a wide range of styles and moods.  Last Thursday, my students at the Morton Arboretum delved into this new medium starting with black scratchboard.  We’re using black scratchboard by Ampersand-a clay coated masonite board that’s then covered with a layer of ink.  With the black board, all we have to do is slowly bring out the subject with scratched lines, dots, or scrapes.  Once my students are more comfortable scratching, we’ll move to white scratchboard and add inking to the mix.  Below is a demo I worked on in class and finished at home…at least until I decide whether or not to add color.  What do you think?  Would it soften it a bit?  Let me know in the comments… Thanks!

Spent Silver Dollars ©2012 Karen A Johnson
8″x10″ Black Scratchboard