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Maple Leaf ©2012 Karen A Johnson
11″ x 14″

I love fall…especially after an abnormally warm summer coupled with a drought.  It’s interesting to me that one can never predict what the color will be like.  Stress to the tree either causes its leaves to turn brown, curl up and fall off or be even more brilliantly colored than normal.  I find stress does that to me too-I either wither or rise to the challenge.  Which direction I go depends on whether I’ve been nuturing my faith or not.

Last weekend my husband and I went camping on Madeline Island, near Bayfield, WI.  During the 3 days we were there the color went from good to spectacular.  I’ve always loved fall color but being in the midst of such beauty restored my soul and filled it the brim with thanksgiving for God’s goodness in my life.  As usual I had to document the beauty via sketchbook and camera…thank goodness for a patient husband!

Barrier Beach Fall sketch
© 2012 Karen A Johnson

I hadn’t realized I’ve been writing this blog for over a year now and wanted to thank all of you who’ve subscribed and liked my various posts.  You’ve been a great encouragement to me!  Here’s a link to more fall photos and I wish all of you much color in your life, whatever the source.  http://www.flickr.com/photos/karensnatureart/

Rocky Shore of Madeline Island
© 2012 Karen A. Johnson