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Hercules Beetle necklace
© 2012 Karen A Johnson

Sculpture has always intrigued me, but not having access to a kiln generally stopped me from diving into this medium.  Interestingly, polymer clay has been around for a couple of decades, needs no kiln and yet I didn’t get around to exploring the medium until this past year.  Now that I have discovered it, I’m hooked!  I get to play with clay, paints, layers, textures and natural objects and wear it afterwards.  I’m discovering that I like the design challenges jewelry presents.  I also am discovering that making a sculpture of a plant or insect is much more difficult than just drawing it on one plane (which is hard enough).  Sculpting forces me to look at the plant or animal from all angles and when I’m done, I know it much better.

I learned many techniques from Cindy Lietz , the Polymer Clay tutor, and have been inspired by Gary Hoyle, museum sculptor extraordinaire.  There are so many aspects to polymer clay and jewelry that I think I will always be learning!  I added a new page to the galleries section…polymer clay nature art jewelry and will be adding more to it as I have time.  I hope you enjoy viewing nature from a new point of view!