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Crabapple Photo

Crabapple Photo

I was given a delightful challenge recently to make a bracelet based off of a crabapple branch.  Here’s the original photo I was given; although I was also given the branch as well.

The berries are made of several layers of polymer clay, alcohol inks and gold leaf.  She wanted the berries to stick up like they did on the branch, so I had to figure out how I could do that. I was concerned that wire alone would break after a while, string/thread wasn’t stiff enough, and I wasn’t sure how I could attach nylon coated wire to a bracelet! Sometimes you just have to start by playing with the materials and seeing whether your ideas will work or not. My first attempt was too monochromatic so I added some small red beads and darkened some of the larger beads. Here is my final result…enjoy!

Crabapple Delight© 2012 Karen A. Johnson

Crabapple Delight
© 2012 Karen A. Johnson