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Lest everyone think I’ve abandoned my painting, I thought I’d post a piece that I’ve finally finished.  Had a bit of a struggle with it as some of my original ideas didn’t work out as I hoped they would, but I persisted and was able to get across the idea using a different approach.  Last year I did some illustrations in the DaVinci style.  I thought it would be interesting to incorporate a sketch in that style into the background and try to bring the plant to life in the foreground.  While researching the large-flowered bellwort, Uvularia grandiflora, I discovered that it is pollinated by several types of bees including bumblebees so I added one of them as well.  Enjoy!

Brought to Life-Bellwort and Bumblebee© 2013 Karen A Johnson Acrylic on wood 11" x 14"

Brought to Life-Bellwort and Bumblebee
© 2013 Karen A Johnson
Acrylic on wood 11″ x 14″