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March 1, 2013 (through April 13th) starts the beginning of the online auction for the M.A.S.K Project, a benefit for the DuPage Children’s Museum.  100 masks are up for auction online, featuring many with celebrity autographs and original artwork from Chicago-area artists.  The white bisque masks were sculpted by Lisa Harris of Chicago’s Lillstreet Art Center as stated on the museum’s website.

I was privileged to be one of the artists to paint a mask and help raise money to encourage early educational learning in the arts and sciences.  I chose to paint a luna moth (Actias luna) for its beauty and the fascination that it held for me as a child.  Looking for their caterpillars and cocoons helped me learn about nature and be curious about how they lived.  Finding one was my holy grail until I reached college and saw my first one.  They are truly fragile and beautiful reminders to me to take care of where they live.

To see more of the masks, check out this link which will hopefully lead you to the auction as well.

I took photos of some of the early stages of my mask and thought you might enjoy seeing them.  I used thin layers of acrylic paint and after the second step, got lost in the joy of painting and forgot to take any more pictures.  Love it when that happens!  Enjoy!