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Red Poppies-2013 © 2013 Karen A Johnson 11" x 14"

Red Poppies-2013
© 2013 Karen A Johnson
watercolor, ink, colored pencil, gouache

I seem to have a love/hate relationship with painting poppies from life…I love the idea of painting them, but hate how frustrating the process is.   They move with the sun, the petals flop over and they don’t last very long, at least in my yard.  And they are such an intense red that they are difficult to photograph as well.  I thought painting them would help me capture their beauty, but getting the deep red without muddying up the shadows has been hard!  Yet every June finds me out in my yard attempting to paint them yet again.  Hope springs eternal I guess, or else I’m hoping “practice makes perfect!”  Here’s some of my poppy sketches over the years…enjoy!