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I’ve always loved looking through microscopes.  A whole new world of detail, texture and patterns comes into focus.  I come by this naturally, I suppose, given that my mother was a microbiologist (and an artist!) and had lab notebooks full of carefully drawn paramecium, amoebas and other strange creatures from her college days.  I loved looking at them as a child, wondering whether they were really real.

As I got older, insects became my focus and the microscope of choice became the stereo dissecting scope.  Insects are even more fascinating up close and I’ve taught many students the joys of seeing them magnified.  In a couple of weeks, I’ll be teaching a 4 week class on Nature Under the Microscope, focusing on a different part of nature each week.  Students will be able to draw and fill a page with various close-ups that interest them and will be able to use whatever medium suits them best.  As an illustrator, I’m interested in details.  As a jewelry artist, I’m interested in textures, forms and patterns.  Either way, I can’t wait to explore this new world!

Seeds Under the Microscope Sketch © 2014 Karen A Johnson

Seeds Under the Microscope Sketch
© 2014 Karen A Johnson

If you’re interested, sign up soon as classes do get cancelled if they’re not filled.  Thanks!