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Recently I was asked what I do my sketching with so I thought that would make a good blog post.  My sketching supplies generally consist of a camping chair, a sketchbook and a painting case of some sort.  Which supplies I use will depend on where I’m going, how much I’m willing to carry, what my husband is willing to carry, and how long it has to be carried.  Cameras also have to be figured into the equation…

I use a variety of sketchbooks ranging in size from 11″ x 14″ down to 5″ x 8″.  They all have heavy-duty paper that can handle wet media and can lay flat.

Sketchbooks © 2014 Karen A. Johnson

© 2014 Karen A. Johnson

My painting case carries a variety of media inside and was much simpler when I bought it in Michigan.  As willingness to carry decreases, supplies must decrease and I can get it down to just paint, water brush and ink pen (or pencil) if I have to…and probably just the pen even!  I use a watercolor palette that I can refill from a tube and as you can see, I have some refilling to do.  It’s nice to have a limited palette to work with as I know exactly what I can do with each color automatically at this point.  I do have a bag of colored pencils that I carry in my backpack just in case water is not available and I simply must have color.

I recently bought a medium-sized case to put brushes, pens and pencils in as I will be traveling to France and want to do lots of sketching there.  When I travel by plane, the chair stays home and I get creative in my seating arrangements.  I figure the more flexible I can be, the better…if you have any comments or questions about the supplies, let me know!