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As I was researching ginkgo for my latest project, I came across an interesting phenomenon called “ginkgo rain”.  Apparently ginkgo trees have a tendency to lose all their leaves in a short amount of time.  So many leaves fall, especially on larger trees, that it can sound like rain.  This was the inspiration for my latest piece of jewelry…

I started with a triangular shaped cane that was then reduced gradually to about a half inch tall.

Ginkgo cane © 2014 Karen A. Johnson

Ginkgo cane
© 2014 Karen A. Johnson








I then sliced off thin slices and individually sculpted each leaf before placing it on a wire branch.  I overlapped some of the leaves so that they would be secure and baked it when I was finished.  I made quite a few separate leaves to dangle like it was raining and added some beads to simulate the fruit that can be found on female trees.  Natural yellow jade was the perfect complement to the leaves…enjoy!

See my website for more information about this necklace- www.karensnatureart.com