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After the Eiffel tower and a quick lunch, we headed to Les Invalides, a complex of buildings that includes a military museum, a chapel with Napoleon’s tomb and a former hospital for veterans.  The first building was commissioned by Louis XIV in 1670 and the domed chapel was completed in 1708.  It turned out that this was our introduction to Louis XIV’s taste in architecture and was a small foreshadowing of what was to come at Versailles and the Louvre.

My daughter is especially interested in military history and after touring the chapel, went with my husband to soak in the armor and weaponry.

I took that opportunity to sketch and enjoy the magnificent atmosphere of the chapel.  I used pencil, ink, watercolor pencils and a waterbrush.

Inside Les Invalides chapel © 2014 Karen A. Johnson

Inside Les Invalides chapel
© 2014 Karen A. Johnson


After I finished one sketch, I made a brief attempt to find them, and after wandering in a maze of halls, escaped back to the chapel and briefly sketched Napoleon’s tomb.

Napoleon's tomb © 2014 Karen A. Johnson

Napoleon’s tomb
© 2014 Karen A. Johnson


We met up again at closing time.  Enjoy!