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Spontaneity is not a characteristic that I’m generally known for, especially when it comes to travelling.  I prefer well-planned, mapped out trips, preferably with printed out maps as a backup.  This past weekend, we took our daughter back to college in Philadelphia, driving from Chicago and passing numerous overturned vehicles along the way.  Normally we travel this route during August and again in May (for the past 3.5 years) so driving this path in the winter was a new experience.  My husband, after the first night layover, wanted to know if I wanted to see Niagara Falls on the way home.  Visions of icicles and rainbows danced in my head…until I saw the weather forecast.  Snow.  Hmmm…after much inner debate, I placed my faith in my husband and the GPS to get us home and after dropping our daughter off, headed for Buffalo, NY.

Niagara Falls State Park was nearly empty.  Snow was gently falling, sticking to every branch, a stark contrast to the rushing, roaring waters of the falls.

We crossed the bridge to Goat Island and viewed the falls from the other side.

We then made our way to Horseshoe Falls which were completely enshrouded in a cold mist.  I loved the abstract black and white patterns that the branches made.

On the way home, ignoring our GPS who insisted we go through Canada (not caring that we had no passports), I was able to snap a few shots of the snow laden trees.  So beautiful!  Enjoy and I hope you have someone to encourage you to be spontaneous as well!