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The Nature Artists’ Guild held a wonderful meeting last Thursday night at the Morton Arboretum, featuring Carrie Carlson, a fellow Guild of Natural Science Illustrators (GNSI) member.  She gave a lively presentation on her journey as an illustrator, art and biology teacher, and print-maker.  She has experimented with a variety of print-making methods including solar plate etching, reduction printing, Chine-collé, and linoleum block printing.  She explained the print-making process, tools and why she paints what she does.  There are so many beautiful details in her pieces which bring her subjects to life.  For more on her work see her website- www.cscarlson.com.

Bringing back the joys of filling in coloring books as a child, she invited us to join her in a collaboration.  She had brought enough signed and numbered prints of her Bur Oak that each of us could paint one, sign it and take it home!  It was fun to see everyone be creative in their painting and just have fun.  Thanks for a great presentation, Carrie!