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It’s snowing. Again.  So to cheer myself up, I’m going back in time to our trip to France back in October with a post about the next page of my sketchbook.

TGV train © 2014 Karen A. Johnson

TGV train
© 2014 Karen A. Johnson

Our last day in Paris was gloomy and rainy as we boarded the TGV, a high-speed bullet train, to Lyon.  I was a bit nervous about this train, having heard it went up to 200 mph, wondering how bumpy and loud it would be, or if would I feel nauseous looking out the window.  However, my fears were unfounded as this train smoothly accelerated and was super quiet as we sped through the countryside.  I’m not sure what I was expecting to see, but rolling hills, small villages, and fields with hedgerows were comforting sights for this woman from the Mid-West.  Gaps in the clouds let sunlight stream through to light up the landscape, if only briefly.  There was even a spot of fall color at one of the train stations-a sumac. It was all very peaceful and relaxing…

I quietly sketched an interesting couple a few rows ahead of me, hoping not to attract attention.  It seems most people are used to either sleeping on the train or absorbed in their tech devices so I needn’t have worried.  Enjoy!

Train ride sketch © 2014 Karen A. Johnson

Train ride sketch
© 2014 Karen A. Johnson