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We moved my daughter down to New Orleans last weekend and took an extra day to see some of the sights.  Barataria Preserve is located south of New Orleans and features swamps and marshes, quite different from our Northern habitats.  We saw all kinds of creatures, but by far the most prominent ones were spiders and dragonflies.

Since the spiders were stationary, they were a bit easier to photograph, and so many that I could play around with different backgrounds.  I will admit to being a bit creeped out by having to go under some of these massive webs (can be 1-2 meters wide), but the spiders themselves were beautifully colored.  Most of them were Golden Silk orb weavers, but towards the end of our trek there were some very large garden spiders as well.  After a while, even the shadows looked like spiders!  In the shots with multiple spiders, the large ones are the females and the small ones are the males.  The next post will have more of the rest of the creatures we saw.  Enjoy!