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My first post concentrated on the many spiders that I saw in Barataria Preserve, located just south of New Orleans in Louisiana.  There were, however, quite a few other creatures that caught my attention as well.  Alligators, snakes and lizards were seen, sometimes with the help of others.  Camouflage was definitely used by many animals and we would have missed the alligators entirely if someone hadn’t seen them first.

We walked through a swampy area, a marsh and an old canal that nature had taken over.  It was hot and sticky with rumbling thunder in the distance.  We were fortunate that there weren’t all that many biting insects to make our walk miserable-probably due to all the dragonflies and spiders!

At one point we ran across a beautiful little bird which let us get very close, much to our surprise.  Then we discovered that it was entangled and caught on the branch by its foot.  Fortunately, another passing woman was brave enough to reach the bird through the thicket and spider webs, and together we tried to get the nylon line off its foot.  I don’t know if the bird survived but I’m hopeful…

Trapped bird © 2015 Karen A. Johnson

Trapped bird
© 2015 Karen A. Johnson