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During our trip to Michigan over Labor Day, we also stopped at a fruit farm to pick apples.  We were overwhelmed by the number of apples, most of which we had never heard of, but settled on Wolf River, Zestar, and Redfree.

They were so different and beautiful that I had to try and paint them!  I knew I didn’t have a lot of time so I’ve been squeezing in painting sessions between other activities.  Meanwhile, the Wolf Rivers were turned into applesauce while the Zestars have been added to salads or just eaten plain (delicious!).  Today I finally finished the painting so those apples can now be consumed.  I’ve included some of the latter stages of the watercolor piece so you can see my process.  Enjoy!

3 Apples-watercolor © 2015 Karen A. Johnson

3 Apples-watercolor
© 2015 Karen A. Johnson