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Thought I’d stretch the beautiful colors of fall out a bit and post a visit to Maple Grove Forest Preserve in Downers Grove, IL from late October.  My friend had let me know that the woods had turned golden, and since bad weather was coming, I hurried over the next day, dog in tow.  Cody was fairly patient with our much interrupted walk as I had previously run him ragged at the dog park.  The forest was gorgeous in the late afternoon sunlight and I could barely decide where to sketch.

I’m drawn to reflections even though they’re frustrating to paint.  Hopefully practice will make improvement at some point!

Maple Grove sketch © 2015 Karen A. Johnson

Maple Grove sketch
© 2015 Karen A. Johnson

By the end of my sketching period, Cody had enough of inactivity and it was getting dark, so home we went.  Enjoy!