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Deadlines are good for me.  They seem to focus my wandering attention and to force me to solve problems that I’ve been avoiding.  I recently was challenged to create a bird necklace for a potential exhibit and decided to see if I could do a flock of flying birds.  Here was my inspiration-a flock of Caspian terns were on the beach, someone had come too close and they had taken off.   Their graphic colors and beautiful silhouettes just took my breath away.

I started with a fairly simple idea of birds hanging down from a chain necklace.  Then I made the birds and started arranging them in different ways…

Terns flying © 2016 Karen A. Johnson

Terns flying
© 2016 Karen A. Johnson

and thought a swirl around the neck might work better.  Holding 8 wires together was the next problem, solved by bead and wire weaving.

Take Flight detail © 2016 Karen A. Johnson

Take Flight detail
© 2016 Karen A. Johnson

I had been wanting to use some beautiful labradorite and quartz beads and they picked up the ocean and sand color perfectly.  I don’t normally “follow where the art leads me”, but I must say it was quite liberating to let go and see what happened next!  Enjoy!

Take Flight © 2016 Karen A. Johnson

Take Flight-sold
© 2016 Karen A. Johnson

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