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Went to explore the small lake in our neighborhood to see how the dragonflies were faring and they’re doing well (along with the mosquitoes)!  Lots of different species of males patrolling their territory and female Eastern Pondhawks hunting.

After sketching some, a monarch dropped by and feasted on some loosestrife by the edge of the water.  I closed my book and grabbed my camera.  There were quite a few plants between me and her and it was windy at times, but she stayed long enough that I could change positions and gradually get closer.  The bees were not happy to be sharing and every time they buzzed close, she’d flex her wings to drive them away.  I loved the colors in some of these photos even though they’re not perfectly in focus.

There were tons of grasshoppers as well…enjoy!

Grasshopper © 2016 Karen A. Johnson

© 2016 Karen A. Johnson