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It’s been an interesting fall, to be sure.  Lots of warm weather, very few cool nights, lots of clouds with a few sunny days thrown in do not generally yield spectacular color in the landscape.  However, the shortening daylight hours have caused some trees to either put on a show or drop their leaves without much fuss.  We still have a lot of green in our neighborhood so my husband and I thought we’d travel farther north and see what we could find.

We took a hike at the Buffalo Creek Forest Preserve and I was initially disappointed by all the browns that were in my field of view.  However, once on the trail, those same browns highlighted the more splashy colors that were hidden from view.  The blue sky also made a wonderful backdrop, helped by using a polarizer on my lens.

After Buffalo Creek we headed over to Deer Grove Forest Preserve.  Again, one had to look for color, but it was there!

We finished off the afternoon heading down the Fox River and stopping by Fabyan Forest Preserve where I spent a little time sketching while the sun was setting over the river.

We finished our trek with ice cream from Batavia Creamery and headed home.  It was a perfect ending to a beautiful day-enjoy!