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Getting ready for your first art fair can seem overwhelming.  Whenever there’s a huge task to accomplish, it always helps to have family and friends to support you.  I had lots of help on my display from my friend Susan who shared ideas and who loaned me her baskets and small tables.  My husband also shared his time with me that whole day, manning the table and money-box.  Thank you so much!

The art fair was held in Spring Grove at the Shores of Turtle Creek which was a beautiful building and everything seemed well-organized.

An integral part of an art fair is the people who come.  It’s fun, yet a little nerve-wracking at the same time to get reactions about your work.  I was grateful to have friends who took the time to drop by and say hi and even buy something!

I also had a wonderful opportunity to meet a fellow blogger in person.  She blogs about plants in the Midwest and I’ve learned all kinds of tidbits of knowledge from her blog, Midwestern Plants. She had a nice review of her experience at the fair on her blog. Thanks for dropping by, Ilex!