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The  Guild of Natural Science Illustrators (GNSI) held their annual conference at Warren Wilson College in Asheville, NC this year.  We are an amazingly diverse group that includes illustrators from the Smithsonian, NASA, the Field Museum, zoo illustrators, text-book illustrators, paleontology artists, animators, graphic artists, digital artists, medical illustrators, botanical artists, silk painters, sculptors, and many more.  It is so inspiring to meet artists from all over the world who have common interests in science, nature and art!

The first half of the conference included plenary speakers who are leaders in their fields.  This year we had Robert Johnson, and Ron Miller who led us into their respective realms of nature and space art; Nancy Lowe with the AS IF Center and John Pickering, Paula Ehrlich and Todd Witcher discussing various aspects of biodiversity.  Our own members also gave presentations and demonstrations of what they’ve been doing and learning over the past year or so.

The campus was beautiful and I took some time to wander around, take photos and sketch a bit.  Enjoy!

Overlooking the farm sketch
© 2017 Karen A Johnson