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Last year our daughter expressed a desire to go visit Australia before heading to law school.  She wondered if we’d be interested in going along…and, of course, we said yes!  After nearly 8 months of research, planning and buying tickets to various activities online, our trip to the land down under has been completed.  We are still amazed that everything worked out so smoothly while we were there.  The only problem we had was actually getting there.  Due to delays in Chicago, we missed our connecting flight and had to spend an extra day in San Francisco instead of Sydney.  We explored the area and I broke in my new sketchbook.

Fortunately, we hadn’t planned anything for the first day in Sydney so we just did as much as we could in the time we had left.  After a very long flight, we arrived Friday morning, deposited our luggage at the hotel and set off to explore Sydney on foot.  We headed for the Opera House, an iconic landmark, and took in sights along the way.

My husband and daughter had scheduled a 3-4 hour climb of the arch of the Sydney Harbor Bridge so we headed in that direction next, catching glimpses of the bridge and the Opera House along the way.

I dropped them off and crossed the bridge, stopping to sketch the Opera House.  It was incredibly windy and I was terrified that my sketching supplies would fly away from me, but I hung on to them and drew quickly.  I noticed the climbers and wondered how my family was faring…

Afterwards, I headed back to the Opera House to explore that and the nearby Royal Botanic Gardens.  They had a cute train that offered an overview of the gardens and since I was tired, I gave my feet a rest and had a ride.  The afternoon was getting late and it was beautiful to see both the Opera House and the Bridge in the waning sunlight.

My family rejoined me in time for dinner and we enjoyed the lights of the city at night before heading back to the hotel.  It was a very long day but wonderfully satisfying to see this beautiful city in person.  Enjoy!