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August in the prairie
© 2018 Karen A Johnson

Every time I visit the prairie I seem to see or learn something new.  Today, bees were gathering pollen from grasses which I’d never seen before.  And I saw a male bumble bee chase off a bird, several dragonflies, and anything else within a 4 foot radius which was rather amusing.

In August the prairie is teeming with life, frantic to get everything accomplished before the summer season ends.  Yellow flowers are everywhere, waving high above my head as I wander down the path.  There are other colors, of course, but you have to slow down and look for them and once I do, other things can be found, like colorful wasps, delicate gaura flowers dancing on thin stems, and two different hummingbird moths.

I notice a large dragonfly take off and I slow down, bummed that I missed it.  After several more do this, I stop and wait.  One buzzes me, circling around and landing farther down the path.  I stalk it, barely breathing and manage to get close enough to photograph it.  It’s warm, humid and still.  It doesn’t move so I decide to sit and see if I can sketch it.  The big bluestem grasses are backlit, making a beautiful patchwork of color behind this colorful green darner.  We share the morning sun and cool shade of the grasses.  It flies off and I am filled with joy…

Green Darner
© 2018 Karen A Johnson

Green Darner close
© 2018 Karen A Johnson

Green Darner in the prairie
© 2018 Karen A Johnson