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Beetles make up one of the largest orders of insects in the world.  They inhabit nearly every ecosystem, except for the ocean and Antarctica, and play an important role, whether good or bad, in our economy.  They are pollinators, pests, predators, plant eaters, scavengers, mimics, and much more.  Join me in Under the Scope: Beetles at the Morton Arboretum as we delve into this fascinating group of insects and see how they can inspire creativity as well.  Registration closes on Monday, October 8, 2018.

There’s a beetle for everyone…if you like music-violin beetle

Violin beetle

Violin beetle © 2017 Karen A Johnson

if you like animals-rhinocerus beetle, stag beetle, tiger beetle


Rhinocerus beetle and sketch ©2017 Karen A Johnson

if you like mythology-Atlas beetle, Hercules beetle

Hercules beetle necklace final

Hercules beetle necklace ©2012 Karen A Johnson

if you like stripes-Ten-lined June beetle


tenlined beetle specimen

if you like big things-Goliath beetle

Goliath beetles

Goliath beetles ©2012 Karen A Johnson

if you like Texas…Longhorn beetle

Cottonwood Tree Borer pin

Cottonwood Tree Borer pin ©2014 Karen A Johnson

I could go on and on…come join in the fun!

Page of Beetles

Page of Beetles ©2015 Karen A Johnson