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Since I last posted, we’ve had winter weather in November, with record snows, and November weather in December.  Mother Nature seems confused!

Willoway Brook
©2018 Karen A Johnson

After our heavy snow melted, the prairie was flattened which made interesting patterns.

Snow Remnants
©2018 Karen A Johnson

Both of the previous sketches were started plein air, but as it was very cold, they were finished inside.

One weekend my husband and I visited Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie to see the bison.  We really weren’t confidant that we could find them as they have 1200 acres on which to roam. They were introduced to the area in 2015 to study their impact on prairie restoration efforts.  As we turned the corner though, we found them grazing in the distance.  It was a beautiful scene and reminiscent of what it might have been like in the past.

Bison on the prairie
©2018 Karen A Johnson

After seeing the bison from afar, I wanted to sketch them up close and was able to do that at the Field Museum in Chicago.

Field Museum bison
©2018 Karen A Johnson

Northern Harriers also winter in the prairie so I sketched them as well.

Field Museum Northern Harriers
©2018 Karen A Johnson

It’s been interesting to focus on other aspects of the prairie besides plants and I’m looking forward to seeing where this prairie journey takes me next.  Hope you all have a joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy!