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Once February hits, it’s difficult to be excited about winter, snow and yet more brown in the prairie.  Since I’ve been determined to document the prairies in my area, I decided to focus on the weather which was on a roller coaster, typical for Chicago.

Prairie weather
© 2020 Karen A Johnson

Once I came back from Costa Rica in early March, I was definitely ready for color, but spring was still a ways off and then the pandemic came.  The Schulenberg prairie was closed in April and I’ve had to get even more creative in searching out empty times and prairies in order to avoid contact with people.  Fortunately there are prairie plants in unexpected places and so I can watch their progress where I find them.  Spending time in nature has been healing for me in this time of fear and stress and is a reminder that God is in control and He is with us.  We are not alone.  Enjoy!

Spring is coming!
© 2020 Karen A Johnson